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In my opinion, leather jackets are one of the menswear items that cover both attributes, attitude, and heritage. There is nothing wrong with saying that punks and pilots, motorcycles, biker, Marlon Brando leather jackets are the high demanded menswear.

The trend of leather jackets started in the early 1900s and the brown leather jackets were introduced by early aviators, the military and the German Air Force in World War I. Let me tell you my experience, I know it’s quite weird to share with you, but just for fun.

 When I began reading about leather jackets the first thing I noticed was the “WWI’’ or ‘WWII’’ written in their title name. It was quite irritating for me, and so I specifically researched about it. Then I got to know that firstly, it was worn by the aviators and pilots of WWI.

The first and the foremost style of leather jacket rolled up in 1928 by Irving Schott, a raincoat maker. He designed and manufactured the first-ever leather motorcycle jacket named "Perfecto". This first piece was designed for Harley Davidson, an American motorcycle.

Schott Nyc designed more and more flight or bomber jackets especially during World War II (WWII). Those bomber jackets were prized for their warmth, having been designed to wear in open cockpits.

Since that time all the styles of leather jackets are in trend and it means that this fashion will never be outdated. As we all know that nowadays garments are pretty much expensive so I would suggest to search about the product before purchasing it.

What are the styles of leather jackets?

Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is a cropped leather jacket, detailed with studs and asymmetric zips. Biker jackets are particularly designed for bikers and motorcyclists. These cropped style jackets allow the bikers to ride their motorcycle without the fastening digging into their body.

The motorcycle jackets have many additional features such as buckles, zips, studs, stylish pockets and lapel collar to make them look more stunning and eye-catching. The motorcycle jackets can be made up of cowhide, goatskin, sheepskin or horsehide.

 Just like other motorcycle-specific garments and accessories, leather biker jackets are also available with a wide range of features, styles, and colors that will surely fit perfectly with any aesthetic you are attemting to groom.

Mostly, people like to wear a leather biker jacket with slim-fit jeans but you can carry it formally as well. It can even work in place of a blazer, just pair up the biker jacket with an oxford shirt and a knitted tie and you are ready to go. But keep in mind, when you are going to carry a biker jacket, underneath should be light weighted so that you can carry the leather jacket easily.

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Flight Jacket

If you want a warm leather jacket then you can choose a flight leather jacket. Let me explain what is the flight jacket? A flight jacket is a leather jacket that is particularly designed for the pilots of WWII to keep them warm during high flight in the open cockpit.

Usually, the flight leather jacket comes in two different styles. Some flight jackets have only fur collar and a viscose lining inside and some have fur shearling throughout the jacket.

 You can pick the flight jacket according to your requirement. It means that if you live in a harsh winter weather place then you should go for a full fur lining flight leather jacket otherwise the second style of flight jacket will suit you.

In these times, pilots as well as common men like to wear leather jackets, making it both practical and elegant. To make the cool and stylish look you can pair up the flight jacket with plain trousers and a light gauge knit shirt or T-shirt. Just keep it simple!

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Bomber Jacket

If you are looking for an ideal leather jacket for the spring season, you must select a bomber jacket. As compare to other jackets bomber jackets are doubtlessly gives a more casual look. Bomber jacket would be the best choice if you are one of those persons who possibly feel a bit self-conscious about straying into the world of leather.

A bomber jacket is quite simple and minimal in shape, has a cropped body style with a central zip and a fitted or ribbed waist and cuffs. Bomber jacket can be crafted with any material from shiny nylon to leather.

In my view, the bomber jacket is one of the most versatile outfits that a man can own. The bomber jackets are quite favored on screen by everyone from Steve McQueen to Hugh Jackman.

To give yourself an incredible look you can wear a bomber jacket with raw denim and a simple light-colored T-shirt or chambray shirt. White sneakers will add on to your simple everyday outfit. You can also style this leather jacket with many other things to create some different looks. In recent times, bomber jackets are a trendy style of leather jacket.

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Café racer

Another type of leather jackets keeping aside military, biker, and sportswear is a café racer jacket. Yes, a racer jacket is also one of the most influencing outfits in the world of automotive. The cafe racer jacket is also included in the minimal leather jacket styles range.

The fashion of the café racer was in full swing when the soldiers were returning home from World War II. Many soldiers even started racing on their pre-war motorbikes, with the local pubs and cafes. And this led to a need for an elegant, minimalist leather racing jacket.

To provide enough protection the café racer jacket is crafted with cowhide or horsehide and a strong zipper. And since the 1960s this style of leather jacket is known as “Café Racer”. Let’s discuss how you can carry café racer.

If you have a café racer leather jacket in brown color you can pair up the jacket with a basic grey t-shirt along with any blue jeans to give a graceful back look. Don’t worry if you have a black café racer or you are going to purchase a café racer in black color. Just put on your black café racer jacket with a black T-shirt and jeans and off you go.

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Field Jacket

The field jacket came up from the American military as early as the 1930s. The main purpose behind the field jackets was to help in carrying military equipment,eliminating the need of using any bag. Initially, the field jacket was made of a cotton drill fabric later, leather was used for the purpose.

Nowadays, field jackets are a serious fashion statement. I think it’s quite right that the field leather jackets look higher-end than some of your other leather jackets. The field jacket is slightly longer than other styles of jackets, along with multiple front pockets and belted at the waist.

If you are a person who carries many things along with himself then you must go for a field jacket.

In my opinion, the filed jacket looks much stylish and attractive in rich brown leather and it’s an absolute winter style. You can just carry your field jacket with fitted jeans, a chunky knit and a classic pair of Chelsea boots.

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Final Words

If you want to make your wardrobe well-edited, you should buy at least one jacket from each style. According to my experience, the best quality item is the one that lasts long. Leather jackets are craft to be used for a long time.

Additionally, you can carry the only leather jackets in many different ways, provided you have a good dress sense. Suppose you have to go to the office and you do not want to wear a suit, then the best option you can go for is a formal leather jacket.

 It would be great if you make your purchases wisely, especially when it comes to leather jackets.

I hope this blog served its purpose well and now you can easily pick your favorite styles of leather jackets. Can you easily choose your wardrobe collection perfectly? Hope you can!

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