Harley Quinn Birds of Prey W009 Costume Leather Jacket

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Jacket Description

The upcoming movie Birds of Prey is based on Harley’s character. In Birds of Prey, growth of the character is shown. How after splitting with joker she turns herself to the good side of the things. Through vigilantism joining her forces with Black Canary, Renee Montoya and Huntress, Harley Quinn saves a poor girl from turning evil within the bad of Gotham City. Even though now Harley is part of the good girls’ clan in Birds of Prey Of Prey movie but she hasn’t lost her flair for drama and fashion. So, she is seen wearing a Birds of Prey Costume with a lot of confetti styled stripes in place of sleeves.


Material: Faux leather

Color: transparent color

Fine stitching

Front: zippered closure

Collar: classic style collar

Sleeves: three quarter length sleeves