C016 Devil May Cry 3 Dante Leather Trench Coat Costume

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Jacket Description

The Devil May Cry 3 was made through Capcom and is a hack and slash video game released on February 17, 2005. This game is compatible with Play Station 2 and also runs on Windows 2006. This game has a special costume used in it namely Devil May Cry 3 Red Leather Trench Coat. This item make was of real leather to call it a wearable, it is the finest material with which a costume can be made. On the lower middle of the body is a waist belt with Dante buckles and it is a kind of strap that ties the coat to the body. The arms and sleeves of the coat have padded arms as well as styling sleeves. The use of a viscose lining is on the inner side of the wearable which keeps the jacket warm in the winter. This Devil May Cry Jacket has a front zipper closure and closes the front side of this jacket for the person wearing it in cold weather. This item has a standing notch collar that gets the upper part of the jacket safe from cold weather. The jacket is made with blood-red color that matches the make and overall look of this wearable.


Real Leather

Viscose lining 

Front zipper closure

Stand notch collar 

Waist belt with Dante buckles 

padded arms styling sleeves